BEARS Foundation changes name to "Body Enhancement Foundation"

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BEARS Foundation changes name to "Body Enhancement Foundation"

After Body Enhancement Ltd pioneered cosmetic surgery to Nigeria in 2001, the organization founded its charity arm, BEARS Foundation, in 2003 which brought to the spot light plights of children in need of life changing reconstructive surgery but couldn't afford to pay for their expensive reconstructive procedures. The acronym BEARS represents: "Body Enhancement Annual Reconstructive Surgery".

Through BEARS Foundation, modern day medical technology, technique and skills are used to safely perform reconstructive surgical procedures to restore the lives of thousands of underprivileged people suffering from different types of physical congenital, developmental deformities; such as, Vesico Vagina Fistula (VVF), cleft lip, cleft palate, burns and lacerations, cataract extractions, hernias, removal of tumors, cysts and fibroid. All procedures performed are at NO COST to neither the beneficiaries nor their families.

Considering lack of proper education, poor nutrition, inaccessibility to proper medical care are some critical factors that contribute to many deformities and are also the primary drivers of HIV/AIDS susceptibility; the organization also offers educational programs and free testing to promote awareness, counseling and immunization for infants and children. In addition, the NGO sends funds to hospitals all over the country to pay for medical bills of patients that cant afford to pay for their medical care.

According to the Founder of BEARS Foundation and CEO of Body Enhancement Ltd, Princess Modupe Ozolua, as BEARS Foundation is the charity arm of Body Enhancement Ltd, it was decided the name should clearly state that; hence the change of name. All activities of the NGO remains the same and beneficiaries will continue to receive free corrective surgical treatment.

In addition to the name change, Body Enhancement Foundation has a new Board of Trustees: Dr Paul Orhii (DG, NAFDAC), Honorable Kabiru Turaki, SAN (Honorable Minister of Special Duties), Edith Jubunoh (Adviser, World Bank, USA), and Prince Oluwaseun Ozolua. The new website address is:

Princess Ozolua further states in recent years, the organization did not stop conducting humanitarian activities in Nigeria. Although it didn't hold national medical missions, it quietly supported other NGOs and continuously paid medical bills for patients in hospitals that couldn't afford to pay for medical care. During those years, the foundation has been actively doing medical missions in different countries in Africa, such as Ethiopia, Mali, Niger Republic and Zambia and Tanzania. Due to pleas for much needed help from countless potential beneficiaries, Body Enhancement Foundation will now commence more public missions in Nigeria.

His Emeritus, Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the Patron of Body Enhancement Foundation.