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Our Mission

Our guiding vision is a world where underprivileged individuals have opportunities to overcome poverty, illiteracy and diseases. Through various programs,...

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Lovers of humanity welcome! The satisfaction of helping others is priceless. Apply to join our various programs impacting lives today.

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Uplifting Women

The ratio of female population below 15 years is higher than male in Africa (The World Factbook). The urgency to empower the growing population of females can’t be over emphasized because their upliftment significantly reduces poverty, illiteracy, health crisis, and...

Nutrition And Education for Life (NeVié)

One billion people, or a seventh of the world’s population, are hungry. When hungry, a malnourished child is nine times more likely to die compared to a healthy child (World Hunger Statistics). Malnutrition is a deadly epidemic caused by difference factors such...

Send Life Saving Medication To Africa

Countless children and adults in Africa die due to consumption of substandard drugs and inability to buy expensive medication. Our contribution to reducing this high morality rate is by providing free medication to people in need that can’t afford them.

Dignity In Health

The inability to pay for medical care and limited access to specialized doctors are some contributing factors leading to high mortality in Africa. Majority of these health issues can be easily treated by over the counter medication, reading glasses to prevent blindness or minor surgical procedures. To improve our targeted beneficiaries quality of life, medical personnel volunteer their time and skills to render FREE life changing medical services to those in need.

Fight Infant Mortality

In our Maternal and Newborn Child Health (MNCH) program, we prioritize combating infant mortality and promoting lifelong well-being. We provide pregnant women with free prenatal vitamins to address the risks of maternal under-nutrition, safeguarding against complications in placental development that could affect their babies' health. Additionally, we offer Vitamin A supplements and Albendazole treatments to children aged 6 months to 5 years, supporting their growth, development, and immunity while addressing parasitic infections.

Adopt A School

Inadequate infrastructure in schools, such as a lack of tables and chairs and damaged buildings, creates poor learning environments for children, impacting them physically, emotionally, and psychologically. To address this issue, we prioritize providing essential school supplies and refurbishing school facilities in rural communities, aiming to boost children's academic participation and attitude towards learning while nurturing their confidence and morale.


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