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Princess Modupe Ozolua
Princess Modupe Ozolua
Founder, President - Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Princess Modupe Ozolua, a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur from the Royal House of the Benin Kingdom, Nigeria. She has over 54 years of accumulated experience occupying Executive leadership positions in the private and humanitarian sectors, and working with Executive level of governments, grassroots communities, private sector and charitable entities.

At 21 years, Princess Ozolua owned her first business in Los Angeles, California before pioneering cosmetic surgery in Nigeria, West Africa in 2001 at the age of 27. This revolutionized Nigeria's beauty and health sectors and she has other businesses in America and Hong Kong.

She founded Empower 54 in 2003 and her contributions to both Africa's private and charitable sectors has earned her numerous international press features including CNN, Washington Post and much more. In addition, she has received countless awards and recoginitions including the US President Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden for her charitable contirbutions.

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