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Princess Modupe Ozolua
Princess Modupe Ozolua
Founder, President - Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Princess Modupe Ozolua, a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur was born in Benin City, Edo state on October 10th 1973 into the Royal House of the Benin Kingdom. She is the great grand daughter of the legendary Benin warrior King, Oba Ozolua.

In 1989, she  left to study in Southwestern College, San Diego (California), and Devry International University, Los Angeles, California. Princess Modupe’s became an entrepreneur at the age of 21 when she owned a communication business in Los Angeles, California.

In 2001 at the age of 27, Princess Ozolua pioneered Cosmetic Surgery to Nigeria, West Africa through her business, Body Enhancement Ltd. 

Pioneering Cosmetic surgery in West Africa made her a house hold name with features on CNN, BBC, and countless national and international press houses.

It became her responsibility to educate Nigerians, the most populous black country in the world with over 170 Million people, about the safety of plastic surgery. This meant fearlessly going against norms and myths people had about plastic surgery. 

Despite all the challenges of pioneering a “controversial” service in a very traditional African country, Body Enhancement Ltd revolutionized the beauty and health sectors in Nigeria. 

Princess Modupe Ozolua has been credited for encouraging the feminist movement in Nigeria. Her focus, discipline and achievements at such a young age also challenged the traditional African norms about women’s independent.