Frequently Asked Questions

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When i donate to Empower 54, what is the impact of my support?
Your gift, pooled with other support, will help us deliver critical aid to children and families during emergencies and within our various programs.

How much of my donation goes toward programs?
80% of all cash contributions are applied towards programs, the difference goes towards offsetting incurred expenses executing each program.

When you Partner with Empower 54
When you become a monthly supporter of Empower 54, you make a powerful commitment to changing the lives of underprivileged people across the globe. Our Partners are passionate and caring individuals and organizations committed to giving restoring hope in the helpless.

Your support reaches out to different countries and helps millions of children and women. Your funds are applied towards – Education, Health & Nutrition, girl/women empowerment, IDP/Refugee rehabilitation/Emergency Response and hunger eradication.

Do we partner with other nonprofit organizations?
Yes. We work closely with other organizations and Government of countries.

How else can I support Empower 54?

You can support with donation of clothing, non-perishable foods, toys, printing, etc. Have any other brilliant ideas of how to help? Kindly send details to

What is Empower 54’s US EIN Number?
Empower 54 Tax ID Number: 81-4202550

I have an issue with the Web donation I made.
Web donations will show up on our database approximately 48 hours after the transaction is complete, but donors will receive an immediate confirmation of their donation.

Can I donate if I live outside of the US?
Yes, but we advice you use the PayPal donation option as that makes the international transaction as effortless as possible and you receive an immediate confirmation of your donation.

Can I help collect funds/items for Empower 54?
Absolutely! Send your ideas to for approval and support. You can be creative with your ideas and drives.

How can I volunteer at Empower 54?
Volunteers for Empower 54 are required to be dedicated and passionate about our causes. Send an email to along with your resume and tell us about your areas of interests, availability, etc. We look forward to you joining the Empower 54 family!

How do I apply for employment at Empower 54?
We would love to have you join our global family! Job applicants must submit a resume through

Didn’t find the answer to your question?
Check our General Terms and Conditions or send details to

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