Adopt An African School
Adopt An African School

Adopt An African School

Many schools lack tables and chairs for children to use in their classes, while the buildings are damaged leaving the children in poor learning environment. Conducive learning environment affects children physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Countless children don’t have basic writing materials such as pencils, notebooks and school bags. These factors contribute negatively to children’s low academic achievement and attitude towards learning.

Keep children in school by adopting an African school today!

Children living in rural communities should be given the opportunity to learn in dignified environment. To positively impact their confidence, moral and learning environment, we give children school supplies and repaint their school to boost their academic participation and attitude towards learning. 

Our desire to provide children living in rural communities the opportunity to learn in dignified environment has proven to increase the children’s desire to attend classes. 

Your donations towards adopting rural schools impacts generations.

Help these children now with your generous gift