EMPOWER women, SAVE generations!

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EMPOWER women, SAVE generations!

The ratio of female population below 15 years is higher than male in Africa (The World Factbook). The urgency to empower the growing population of females can’t be over emphasized because their upliftment significantly reduces poverty, illiteracy, health crisis, and unemployment. Through our women empowerment program, we uplift female entrepreneurs through micro-finance and business-training opportunities to enable them become financially self-sufficient and future employers. Beneficiaries are given the following FREE tools:
  • A Laptop
  • Training on how to use free online tools to promote their businesses
  • Training on basic business protocol
  • Training on writing resumes, business proposals and using business software applications
  • Access to low interest micro loans to assist in jump-starting their entrepreneurial endeavors
Help them by donating towards this program History has repeatedly shown that when women are given access to resources such as these, they can overcome poverty and improve lives of generations. They not only improve their own situation, they can pay for their children’s education, health care and create employment opportunities within their communities. Uplift these women by donating now